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diamondInternal Griddiamond


house imageAdd on architectural details to your windows or door with the addition of a grid design.

Each grid is placed in-between the two insulated panes of glass. The internal grid design allows for extremely easy cleaning of your windows. There are many different styles and colors to coordinate with your home design.



Grids come in the following colors:

Each grid size is 5/8 x 3/16 (Except for the gold style, it is 5/16 x 3/16).

Please note that white grids seen through Low-E glass will appear tan in color.

Most grids are spaced evenly within the glass area. You can also choose from a diamond grid pattern or specially designed grid patterns. If you choose a diamond or special grid design, please provide a drawing so we can accurately reproduce your idea.

For our Special Shape windows, there are a variety of ways to enhance them with grid patterns. Grid patterns are especially popular in the circle top shape and eyebrow shape. Please review your options with one of our dealers.