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Tempco Products Co. is a leading manufacturer of quality vinyl windows. And keeping with this tradition of quality, Tempco has worked to find the most technologically advanced glass system for you. Let us introduce the Tempco Titanium Insulating Glass (T2IG). This glass system works to keep your home well insulated from the cold winters and hot summers.

Tempco partnered with AGC and Technoform to provide you with the best of all worlds: Warm Edge Spacer, High Performance Glass and Dual Seal. And with this combination you benefit from choosing the T2IG glass. Contact Tempco Products Co. today to find out how choosing T2IG is the most energy saving choice for you.

T2IG SpacerThe Tempco Titanium Insulating Glass
(T2IG) is comprised of:

Tempco partnered with AGC and Technoform to provide you with the best of all worlds: Warm Edge Spacer, High Performance Glass and Dual Seal.

NFRC Certified Insulating Glass

Home InteriorThis status was achieved after subjecting our Dual Seal Insulating Glass to the rigors of the National Fenestration Rating Council Insulating Glass Certification Program. The testing for Seal Durability and Argon Gas Content occurred over a twenty-three (23) week period. The Insulating Glass Units exceeded the criteria for passage under these two test standards. Our twenty-eight (28) year history manufacturing Insulating Glass is reflected in these test results. Not only do we manufacture an Insulating Glass that is Warm Edge with Integrity, it is now Tested Tough! IG Certification # KCI IG-0209-01

Glass: Comfort Ti-AC36

Comfort Ti-AC36 glass is the best in the industry for parts of the country where the temperatures range from one extreme to the other. Comfort Ti-AC36 glass is a warm insulator. With Comfort Ti-AC36, winter blues will be a distant memory. Comfort Ti-AC36 has a low emissivity rating of .034 which calculates to a center of glass insulated with an R-Value of 4.2 making it a great insulator in winter. Comfort Ti-AC36 glass has a low solar heat gain coefficient that blocks the heat, keeping your home cool inside. Comfort Ti-AC36 glass is a cool heat blocker - so cool, it is the solution for homes in which solar heat reduction for cooling is a must.Tempco Seal

Warm Edge Spacer & Dual Seal:
The I-Spacer

We teamed up with Technoform to provide you with the best overall performing warm edge spacer on the market. Technoform’s passion for thermal performance has led to the creation of I-Spacer. In addition, the seal between your panes of glass can be one of the most important components to your window longevity. The T2IG uses a Dual Seal glass to provide you with the best seal integrity. This is a two part seal composed of: Primary Sealant (polyisobutylene) and Secondary Sealant (polysulfide).


Increased Energy Efficiency is accomplished by inserting insulating foam into sash stiles and lift rails of selected window products.


Upgrade your window’s performance by requesting the insulating glass with two pieces of Ti-AC36.


The ultimate insulating glass! Two pieces of Ti-AC36 and insulating foam inserted in the stiles and lift rails of selected window products.

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Tempco Comfort E-PS™ Low-E Glass

Comfort E-PS HomeTempco Comfort E-PS™ Low-E Glass provides outstanding energy performance in cold climates of the U.S. and Canada, where heating costs are the primary concern. With the highest Solar Heat Gain Coefficient of any low-E glass (0.73), it captures the maximum amount of free solar heat.

Tempco Comfort E-PS delivers additional performance attributes that are essential for maximizing efficiency, comfort, and savings in cold-weather climates. With its low-E coating, Tempco Comfort E-PS keeps cold air out and warm air in. It also helps eliminate the cold drafty feeling next to windows. And its high light transmittance means homeowners can enjoy more natural light and use less energy for artificial lighting. Reduce your energy use, your heating costs, and your impact on the environment with Tempco Comfort E-PS.

Designed and tested to exceed the 2010 ENERGY STAR® requirements for the Northern zone in the U.S. and all four zones in Canada, Tempco Comfort E-PS is simply the best option for cold-weather climates.

You can save, on average, an additional $130 a year in heating costs by choosing Tempco Comfort E-PS glass.

Increase your energy efficiency with optional Argon Gas.

Obscure GlassTempco Obscure Glass

Tempco Obscure Glass from AGC Flat Glass is a longtime favorite of commercial, residential, and specialty glass customers—available in a range of thicknesses, and suitable for both tempering and laminating.
Few patterned glass products offer the timeless appeal and versatility of Tempco Obscure Glass—a classic solution that reflects AGC’s more than 70 years of manufacturing experience in this product category. In addition to offering an attractive appearance, obscurity, and light transmission capabilities, Tempco Obscure Glass provides maximum flexibility—making it perfect for virtually any application.

Tempco Bronze Glass


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